Buying Your First Navel Ring

Navel Rings are all the rage the moment with young women and girls getting their belly buttons pierced around the world. Consequently there is quite a large market for some very decorative pieces of body jewelry.

When your navel has been newly pierced it’s a good idea to start off with a navel ring that will reduce the chances of an infection. This gives you three types of navel rings to choose from:

Bioplast Navel Rings
Steel Navel Rings
Titanium Navel Rings

The reasons why these types are recommended is because they are materials free from alloys and pollutants which could cause your wound to become irritated and infected.

Once you are over the initial stages after your belly has been pierced and the chances of infection have reduced you can move on to the more decorative pieces.

Visit the Navel Ring Store for a huge range of navel rings.


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