Reverse Navel Rings

There are any number of beautiful navel rings available to buy these days and some of the most striking are Reverse Navel Rings.

Reverse navel rings are inserted from the bottom of the piercing and pushed upwards so that the jewelry either dangles or is sited above the navel. They really are a flashy piece of body jewelry.

Taking a look at the Navel Ring Store today we can see that there is a line of butterfly reverse navel rings, some in double amethyst, there are any number of reverse captive navel rings with stunning CZ insets not to mention some channel belly rings that will really catch the eye. Whether you’re looking for something in a classy white gold or a striking steel belly ring, the reverse navel rings can’t be beaten in terms of range.

Check out all of these reverse navel rings and more at the Navel Ring Store.


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