Featured This Week – Bioplast Belly Rings

One of the nice things about bioplast belly rings is that they look good yet cost a fraction of what many other navle rings are selling for. This week we see a few bulk lots of bioplast belly rings at the Navel Ring Store.

Particularly eye-catching is the CZ Double Gem Belly Ring with the flexible Bioplast shaft. At either end are surgical steel balls that each house a gemstone that is press fit rather than glued into place.

Another bunch bioplast belly ring that has caught the eye is a set of 8 glow in the dark belly rings. These navel rings come in light blue, pink, white, black, purple, dark blue, lime green and red. These beioplast belly rings are sure to give an eye catching performance.

Bioplast Bulk Lot Glow

Both of these lots are open for a couple of days from this post at the Navel Ring Store. However, even if they’re already sold, more products will be quickly hitting the shelves so make sure you check in for new bargains.


One Response to “Featured This Week – Bioplast Belly Rings”

  1. Gerda de Bruin Says:

    To this my go

    Please will you tel me how much the plastie belly rings cost and what sizes it comes in?

    Thaks gerda

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