Steel Navel Rings

Although the majority of people seem to prefer buying navel rings made of gold, white gold, silver or titanium, there is a plethora of navel rings made of steel that might surprise the average buyer.

If you are looking to buy steel navel rings you should visit the Navel Ring Store.

The first reaction when hearing that a belly ring is made only of steel may be that this would look boring or less than stunning. However steel belly rings can be just as striking as navel rings made of gold, white gold, silver or any other material. Steel belly rings are one of the safest types of navel rings to use as the first navel ring after you’ve just been pierced.

As can be seen by some of the examples that accompany this little piece, some steel belly rings are simply stunning pieces of jewelry without being too flashy or gaudy.

Ladybug Navel Ring Spiral Barbell Navel Ring Scorpion Navel Ring

A further advantage of steel navel rings is that it’s an inexpensive material which translates to the final price of the navel ring working out to be cheaper than navel rings made with other metals.

When referring to a navel ring as a steel navel ring, what we’re talking about is the shaft itself. Steel navel rings will also come with any number of adornments and attachments such as acrylic balls, gems and the like so there should be no problem with the concern that steel navel rings are boring.

When looking at navel rings that will be the most likely to cause health problems such as rejection by the body or infection, steel navel rings are the ones that will give you the least trouble. The reason is that the metal doesn’t react with body tissues. Surgical steel doesn’t contain impurities and, properly sterilized, will not introduce infection into your wound.

If you’re looking for a nice range of steel belly rings at very competitive prices you should visit The Navel Ring Store and head straight over to the Steel Navel Rings page.


4 Responses to “Steel Navel Rings”

  1. Emma Says:

    Where can I get the scoropion navel ring?

  2. Hannah Says:

    Where can I find the scorpion navel ring??

  3. Plastic Holder : Says:

    well, there are already Light Emitting Diode base floor lamps these days-,-

  4. elsie Says:

    The scorpion one can actually be found on amazon my mom bought me the same one 4 months ago.

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