3 New Release Chandelier Belly Rings

Chandelier belly rings are some of the most extravagent pieces of body jewelry available to buy. Whether they are standard dangle navel rings or reverse belly rings, the gemstones are shown to magnificent effect in their cluster formation. Today we will examine 3 chandelier navel rings that have only just come into the store.

Chandelier Reverse Navel Ring
This is a cascading chandelier of sparkling gems ending in brooding black stones. This is a reverse belly ring with a surgical steel bar in 14 gauge and is sure to create an impact. This navel ring can be more closely viewed in The Navel Store on the Chandelier Navel Rings page.

CZ With Gem and Beads Dangling Chandelier Belly Ring
This pink beauty contains three dangling beads underneath a couple of sparkling deep red gems. The shaft is 14 gauge surgical steel and the chandelier pieces are rhodium plated over brass or copper. This dangling chandelier navel ring can be viewed at The Navel Ring store on the Chandelier Navel Rings page.

Tear Drop CZ Chandelier Navel Ring
This delicate teardrop shaped chandelier belly ring features four exquisite pink gems underneath a striking larger CZ pink gem. The 14 gauge shaft is made of surgical steel and is a standard dangling belly ring. This belly ring can be found at The Navel Ring store on the CZ Navel Rings pages.


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