Caring For Your Navel Piercing

If you have just had your navel pierced it is extremely important to follow the aftercare treatment guidelines given to you by the piercing studio. The stomach region is a sensitive part of the body and healing time may take anywhere from 3 to 8 months. During this time you will experience swelling, some inflammations and irritation around the pierced site.

Cleaning the piercing during these first few months is vital, particularly if you want to keep the period of time that it’s tender to a minimum. Remember, before touching the area around the piercing you should wash your hands thoroughly first.

It will be prudent to wash the area with an antibacterial soap daily and to bathe it with salt water every 6 – 8 hours. You may find that some crusting will have occurred on the site which is quite normal. When bathing the wound with salt water, make sure this crusting is removed. When the piercing has been properly cleaned ensure that it is then thoroughly dried. It is a good idea to use a tissue because a towel is more likely to contain bacteria.

If it can be avoided don’t swim in the ocean or the local swimming pool while until the wound has completely healed. If it can’t be avoided make sure you give your navel a thorough wash as soon as practicable.

Another thing to avoid doing is constantly checking your new piercing by grabbing your stomach and twisting it upwards so that you can get a better look at it. If you really must check it out, get yourself a little hand mirror and use that.

Letting the wound heal completely before fooling with the new navel ring and the area around it is the beat advice to follow when looking to speed up the healing process. If you can do that then it will be that much sooner before you start buying new navel rings.

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