Disasters Sometimes Display The Worst of People

As with all stories of tragedy these days we hear the stories that display the generous spirit of humans but, inevitably it seems, we also get reminded that there are plenty of low-lifes out there too. The Victorian bushfires have been one such occasion where some despicable behaviour by the dregs of humanity have been displayed.

The start of many of the fires was the result of arson and that’s bad enough but then, some of the residents whose houses were burnt to the ground returned to find that their homes had been picked over by looters. When you’ve just lost almost every last possession you own in the world the last thing you need is heartless bastards taking the opportunity to steal the remainder.

Now we’re starting to hear stories of opportunists moving in and trying to buy land and houses in the area expecting massive price discounts. These sharks are basically trying to screw over the landowners, victims of the fires, in yet another way by taking advantage of their tragic circumstances.


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