A Backyard Requiring Some Love

The new house is built, everything inside looks immaculate and you couldn’t be happier. Now we take a peek out the back window and what do we see? Well surprise, surprise we are looking out onto the panoramic view of what resembles a demolition site with half bricks, rubble and clay sitting all around the yard. Naturally, builders don’t care about the yards of their clients, so when they’ve got left over materials, rather than throwing them in the dumpsters or taking it with them, they chuck it on the ground and move on.

Now it’s time to try to make the yard as pristine and wonderful as the new house. The first step of the transformation may involve setting out plans for the garden beds leaving the remainder of the yard as lawn. At this point you may consider one of two solutions for putting in a lawn, either turfing the yard with natural grass or electing to go with a synthetic grass.

Both are acceptable and both carry a series of positives and negatives, some real and some perceived. The choice is yours, what will your decision be?


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