Buying Table Lamps From Past Eras

Lamps from the middle of century look both tastefully descriptive of the period, yet they also fit into the modern d├ęcor of today. Take for instance a pair of alabaster table lamps with linen barrel shades. These lamps are typical retro looking lamps but featured in a suitable room they would not look out of place.

The great thing about modern interior design is that you can use these past fashion icons and blend them into a room that looks more like today than yesterday.

I like the old style and appreciate the mood that it captures and the era that it embodies. Whether you go with a blending effect or a stark contrast the chances are that you will end up with a unique look that will reflect your own taste and fashion sense.

You can pick up these types of table lamps just about anywhere such as a jumble sale, garage sale, antique store or some specialty stores that deal in reproductions of past eras.


Retro Floor Lamps for the Modern Room

A design style that is coming back into fashion in interior decorating circles in recent years is the retro fashion. The imagination and creativity from the 1950s are bonded with the daring funk of the 1970s in a way that is being appreciated all over again. An unassuming accessory piece such as the floor lamp puts the final exclamation point on a retro lounge room or bedroom.

A retro floor lamp like Torchiere floor lamps reflects the diverse fashion styles of the retro era as do Eames era floor lamps. Lamp stands were made with the new materials of the time like plastics and melamine. The lamp shades themselves boasted showy trimmings or flashy prints or were made with materials such as fiberglass. In one piece it is possible to see any number of the popular fashion trends from the retro era.

Here are a couple of popular, yet vastly different styles of lamps from the retro era.

The simple cone lamp was found in almost every household in the 1950s and 1960s, however it was often the floor to ceiling lamp stand that spoke of the owners taste. A versatile type of retro lamp, the cone lamp complemented many of the other designs found at the time. They were rarely seen singly, these little metal marvels came in a variety of colors and made an appearance in bedrooms everywhere.

Another popular retro lamp shade that was used either to top a floor lamp or as a ceiling light fixture is the translucent glass light shade. The fishbowl-shaped light shade was often seen in amber and featured either a bubbled surface or else a panelled, pumpkin skin-like look. This kind of glass lamp shade gives a room true retro authenticity but does so in an understated manner.

These examples of retro lamp shades illustrate the fact that retro fashion can either be edgy and bold, going out of the way to make or statement, or it can be understated and muted hoping simply to not look out of place.

A big part of creating a retro room is selecting accessories in keeping with the retro style. A daring choice in retro floor lamps could make a big difference to the overall appeal.

Finding Retro Table Lamps

A new design for the dining room meant a complete evaluation of all levels of furniture and accessories, and that includes table lamps. A modern retro style was the sort of thing we were aiming for and decided that finding some retro table lamps for sale would set the entire room off. Deciding on table lamps can be much more than simply placing accessories thanks to the options they give you.

Beginning with a simple pottery retro table lamp design that would sit at either end of the sideboard. It’s possible to find a large variety of lamp stands with endless detail work or lovely paintwork, or both, to choose from. We then changed our preference for matching table lamps to more eclectic pieces preferring the imbalance it created as well as the chance to buy two pieces.

Looking at stained glass lamp shades really means one thing – Tiffany lamps. The stained glass table lamps definitely made a statement in the room but we felt that they were somewhat overwhelming for a small dining room.

Gourd retro table lamps, atomic table lamps and even space age innovative chrome table lamps are all options that can be considered for this type of room.

It’s not surprising that the entire mood of the room changes depending on the sort of retro lamp that is on display. The type of lamp shade and the strength of light it allows helps create the atmosphere. Choosing a suitable retro table lamp is a part of the process that must be taken seriously.