Choose A Tennis Bracelet Navel Ring

Sporting jewlry is a great way to celebrate your favourite sport, whether it be as a player or as a fan. It’s US Open time, so we can use tennis as a great example. Naturally we wouldn’t want to go overboard with the tennis themed jewlry, even though there is a great range of earrings, necklaces and brooches.

To show your love of tennis off in style, though, maybe the classiest look is to simply go for the classy diamond tennis bracelet on your wrist which would look great offsetting an equally eye-catching gold tennis bracelet navel ring.

Something beautiful along the lines of the navel ring displayed above would be just the ticket to match the diamond tennis bracelet on your wrist. Co-ordination is everything at Flushing Meadows and with this combination you’re bound to not only look good, you’re going to feel good too.


Caring For Your Navel Piercing

If you have just had your navel pierced it is extremely important to follow the aftercare treatment guidelines given to you by the piercing studio. The stomach region is a sensitive part of the body and healing time may take anywhere from 3 to 8 months. During this time you will experience swelling, some inflammations and irritation around the pierced site.

Cleaning the piercing during these first few months is vital, particularly if you want to keep the period of time that it’s tender to a minimum. Remember, before touching the area around the piercing you should wash your hands thoroughly first.

It will be prudent to wash the area with an antibacterial soap daily and to bathe it with salt water every 6 – 8 hours. You may find that some crusting will have occurred on the site which is quite normal. When bathing the wound with salt water, make sure this crusting is removed. When the piercing has been properly cleaned ensure that it is then thoroughly dried. It is a good idea to use a tissue because a towel is more likely to contain bacteria.

If it can be avoided don’t swim in the ocean or the local swimming pool while until the wound has completely healed. If it can’t be avoided make sure you give your navel a thorough wash as soon as practicable.

Another thing to avoid doing is constantly checking your new piercing by grabbing your stomach and twisting it upwards so that you can get a better look at it. If you really must check it out, get yourself a little hand mirror and use that.

Letting the wound heal completely before fooling with the new navel ring and the area around it is the beat advice to follow when looking to speed up the healing process. If you can do that then it will be that much sooner before you start buying new navel rings.

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Garnet Navel Rings

If you are born in the month of January and are looking for the perfect type of gift, a garnet navel ring would be ideal. The garnet is the birthstone of January and should mean something to anyone born in that month. The deep red garnet gemstone is a beautifully striking stone and looks absolutely delightful in a navel ring setting.

Try the range of garnet navel rings that are on display at the Navel Ring Store on for size. If you’re looking to buy a navel ring, this store seems to have every type of navel ring covered.

3 New Release Chandelier Belly Rings

Chandelier belly rings are some of the most extravagent pieces of body jewelry available to buy. Whether they are standard dangle navel rings or reverse belly rings, the gemstones are shown to magnificent effect in their cluster formation. Today we will examine 3 chandelier navel rings that have only just come into the store.

Chandelier Reverse Navel Ring
This is a cascading chandelier of sparkling gems ending in brooding black stones. This is a reverse belly ring with a surgical steel bar in 14 gauge and is sure to create an impact. This navel ring can be more closely viewed in The Navel Store on the Chandelier Navel Rings page.

CZ With Gem and Beads Dangling Chandelier Belly Ring
This pink beauty contains three dangling beads underneath a couple of sparkling deep red gems. The shaft is 14 gauge surgical steel and the chandelier pieces are rhodium plated over brass or copper. This dangling chandelier navel ring can be viewed at The Navel Ring store on the Chandelier Navel Rings page.

Tear Drop CZ Chandelier Navel Ring
This delicate teardrop shaped chandelier belly ring features four exquisite pink gems underneath a striking larger CZ pink gem. The 14 gauge shaft is made of surgical steel and is a standard dangling belly ring. This belly ring can be found at The Navel Ring store on the CZ Navel Rings pages.

Steel Navel Rings

Although the majority of people seem to prefer buying navel rings made of gold, white gold, silver or titanium, there is a plethora of navel rings made of steel that might surprise the average buyer.

If you are looking to buy steel navel rings you should visit the Navel Ring Store.

The first reaction when hearing that a belly ring is made only of steel may be that this would look boring or less than stunning. However steel belly rings can be just as striking as navel rings made of gold, white gold, silver or any other material. Steel belly rings are one of the safest types of navel rings to use as the first navel ring after you’ve just been pierced.

As can be seen by some of the examples that accompany this little piece, some steel belly rings are simply stunning pieces of jewelry without being too flashy or gaudy.

Ladybug Navel Ring Spiral Barbell Navel Ring Scorpion Navel Ring

A further advantage of steel navel rings is that it’s an inexpensive material which translates to the final price of the navel ring working out to be cheaper than navel rings made with other metals.

When referring to a navel ring as a steel navel ring, what we’re talking about is the shaft itself. Steel navel rings will also come with any number of adornments and attachments such as acrylic balls, gems and the like so there should be no problem with the concern that steel navel rings are boring.

When looking at navel rings that will be the most likely to cause health problems such as rejection by the body or infection, steel navel rings are the ones that will give you the least trouble. The reason is that the metal doesn’t react with body tissues. Surgical steel doesn’t contain impurities and, properly sterilized, will not introduce infection into your wound.

If you’re looking for a nice range of steel belly rings at very competitive prices you should visit The Navel Ring Store and head straight over to the Steel Navel Rings page.

Featured This Week – Bioplast Belly Rings

One of the nice things about bioplast belly rings is that they look good yet cost a fraction of what many other navle rings are selling for. This week we see a few bulk lots of bioplast belly rings at the Navel Ring Store.

Particularly eye-catching is the CZ Double Gem Belly Ring with the flexible Bioplast shaft. At either end are surgical steel balls that each house a gemstone that is press fit rather than glued into place.

Another bunch bioplast belly ring that has caught the eye is a set of 8 glow in the dark belly rings. These navel rings come in light blue, pink, white, black, purple, dark blue, lime green and red. These beioplast belly rings are sure to give an eye catching performance.

Bioplast Bulk Lot Glow

Both of these lots are open for a couple of days from this post at the Navel Ring Store. However, even if they’re already sold, more products will be quickly hitting the shelves so make sure you check in for new bargains.

Solid Gold Navel Rings

The Navel Ring Store update – Solid gold captive rings, dangle navel rings with cubic zirconia inlays, gold barbells and 14ct gold navel rings with precious gems featured. There is yet another batch of newly released 14ct gold navel rings arrived and ready for you to browse.

Remember that gold navel rings should really only be worn after your navel piercing has sufficiently healed dur to the impurities in the gold. However, it’s never too early to stock up on the beautiful jewelry offered today. Reverse navel rings are also available in gold so be sure to check them out when you’re browsing.

Visit the Navel Ring store for all of your belly rings, no matter what the budget or style.