The Benefits of Poo

Manure is a necessity for successful vegetable gardening. For a fall dressing fresh manure may be applied, but usually only well-rotted manure, or what the English call “short” manure, is proper to use in the garden. Good manure is valuable; the man who owns horses or cows will cure his manure carefully under cover, while the man who does no keep stock will be fortunate if he can buy well cured manure.

Liquid manure can be conveniently made by immersing a bag of fresh horse manure in a tub of water. The product is strong in nitrogen and is excellent as an application to plants which are expected to make a good stalk and leaf growth. The liquid manure should be applied dilute and in small quantities; it should be put upon the ground and never upon the plant itself.

Nitrate of soda is used for much the same purpose, should also be sparingly applied and not upon the plant. It may be strewed upon the ground, to be carried to the roots by the rains, or may first be dissolved in water. Nitrate of soda and liquid manure are always best applied in occasional small doses, rather than in larger ones at greater intervals, on account of the danger of over-stimulating the plants, as well as of loss of fertilizer by leaching.


The Solar Panels Are Getting Thiner

One of the problems that consumers have had with photovoltic (PV) technology has been the high cost compared to other renewable resources. But uS company NanoMarkets have developed a new thinfilm PVwhich uses little to no silicon, is lightweight and will allow solar-energy windows and skylights to be made at greatly reduced prices to the existing cost savings.