Rambling Through the Park

It’s the last week of cricket this weekend and I found myself rampbling through the park last week which reminded me of my own youthful days of playing cricket on a Saturday morning. Nowadays I’m a father watching from the sidelines and the memories are of playing on mats laid on a concrete pitch.

The mats have long gone ever since they discovered that you can play on a much more consistent wicket if you covered it with synthetic grass. The ball lasts longer, the possibility of the ball hitting the join in the mats and nearly taking your head off is gone and everyone has a much fairer go at batting.

Wandering over to the cricket nets in the corner of the park I was a little taken aback to find that even the nets have been furnished with synthetic grass wickets. It stands to reason I suppose but still, I can’t help but think what a luxury that is and a bonus for all kids who play the game.

It sort of highlights the fact that even though it doesn’t feel as though we’ve progressed all that far, the game of cricket – even Saturday morning cricket – has come a long way. Hell, even the cricket pads that the kids wear these days have moved well beyond what we were given when I played. My pads came complete with buckles to do them up, buckles that managed to rub the skin away from the backs of the legs every single time you wore them. The simple replacement of buckles with velcro has made wearing cricket pads a much more reasonable and comfortable task.


Getting Inundated

Every day it seems that I am being called upon to read more documents, more online data and more books than ever before. The requests are piling up at an alarming rate.

My problem is I have trouble saying no for fear of disappointing those who need me to get the reading done. Sometimes I know that I’ve been handed mission impossible but I still feel compelled to get in and get the reading done.

An added problem is the online blog posts and news stories that simply demand my attention because it could mean the difference between feeling as though you’ve heard it first or simply being one of the crowd.

It’s getting to the point where it may become a necessity to learn speed reading. I know there are some techniques that would be about to find it easier to read, but not only that, also to comprehend what you are reading at higher rate.

Anything to help me get through my daily turmoil will rock my world.

Fake Grass Is On the Improve

There are quite a few concerns expressed over the safety of synthetic grass fields for young sporting kids, not to mention the playgrounds they play on. Many of those concerns are about the rubber infill that is used, particularly for the older fields.

Latest studies have been done and have virtually given these sporting fields a clean bill of health or, at least, are well within reasonable safety standards.

Further concerns surrounded the temperature that these surfaces reach when the sun has been on them for any extended period of time. This concern looks as though it still has merit although it was argued that the temperature dropped quickly once the sun moved off it.

There have been new developments in the technologies and products used as infill and these have answered a lot of the worries that were expressed.

The Benefits of Poo

Manure is a necessity for successful vegetable gardening. For a fall dressing fresh manure may be applied, but usually only well-rotted manure, or what the English call “short” manure, is proper to use in the garden. Good manure is valuable; the man who owns horses or cows will cure his manure carefully under cover, while the man who does no keep stock will be fortunate if he can buy well cured manure.

Liquid manure can be conveniently made by immersing a bag of fresh horse manure in a tub of water. The product is strong in nitrogen and is excellent as an application to plants which are expected to make a good stalk and leaf growth. The liquid manure should be applied dilute and in small quantities; it should be put upon the ground and never upon the plant itself.

Nitrate of soda is used for much the same purpose, should also be sparingly applied and not upon the plant. It may be strewed upon the ground, to be carried to the roots by the rains, or may first be dissolved in water. Nitrate of soda and liquid manure are always best applied in occasional small doses, rather than in larger ones at greater intervals, on account of the danger of over-stimulating the plants, as well as of loss of fertilizer by leaching.

A Backyard Requiring Some Love

The new house is built, everything inside looks immaculate and you couldn’t be happier. Now we take a peek out the back window and what do we see? Well surprise, surprise we are looking out onto the panoramic view of what resembles a demolition site with half bricks, rubble and clay sitting all around the yard. Naturally, builders don’t care about the yards of their clients, so when they’ve got left over materials, rather than throwing them in the dumpsters or taking it with them, they chuck it on the ground and move on.

Now it’s time to try to make the yard as pristine and wonderful as the new house. The first step of the transformation may involve setting out plans for the garden beds leaving the remainder of the yard as lawn. At this point you may consider one of two solutions for putting in a lawn, either turfing the yard with natural grass or electing to go with a synthetic grass.

Both are acceptable and both carry a series of positives and negatives, some real and some perceived. The choice is yours, what will your decision be?

Grass That Requires Less Mowing

There is a new kind of grass out there that reportedly requires less mowing than the traditional types of grass, and I mean much less mowing. The grass is called carex pansa and it is an evergreen creeping lawn that grows into a natural looking lawn but it only needs to be mowed around 4 times a year.

The grass can be planted from plugs planted around 6 to 12 inches apart. The important thing in using carex pansa is to entirely remove the old lawn first or the weeds in the old lawn will give you unsatisfactory results.

It should be noted that carex pansa is a native grass and will give you more of a meadow look rather than a formal manicured lawn look.

Disasters Sometimes Display The Worst of People

As with all stories of tragedy these days we hear the stories that display the generous spirit of humans but, inevitably it seems, we also get reminded that there are plenty of low-lifes out there too. The Victorian bushfires have been one such occasion where some despicable behaviour by the dregs of humanity have been displayed.

The start of many of the fires was the result of arson and that’s bad enough but then, some of the residents whose houses were burnt to the ground returned to find that their homes had been picked over by looters. When you’ve just lost almost every last possession you own in the world the last thing you need is heartless bastards taking the opportunity to steal the remainder.

Now we’re starting to hear stories of opportunists moving in and trying to buy land and houses in the area expecting massive price discounts. These sharks are basically trying to screw over the landowners, victims of the fires, in yet another way by taking advantage of their tragic circumstances.