Buying Table Lamps From Past Eras

Lamps from the middle of century look both tastefully descriptive of the period, yet they also fit into the modern d├ęcor of today. Take for instance a pair of alabaster table lamps with linen barrel shades. These lamps are typical retro looking lamps but featured in a suitable room they would not look out of place.

The great thing about modern interior design is that you can use these past fashion icons and blend them into a room that looks more like today than yesterday.

I like the old style and appreciate the mood that it captures and the era that it embodies. Whether you go with a blending effect or a stark contrast the chances are that you will end up with a unique look that will reflect your own taste and fashion sense.

You can pick up these types of table lamps just about anywhere such as a jumble sale, garage sale, antique store or some specialty stores that deal in reproductions of past eras.